Buy Fertile Eggs - On Farm Pick Up

We're happy to provide our customers with fertile eggs when our girls are laying. For on farm pick ups we require a 12 egg minimum purchase. You can mix and match the eggs with any breed, but you must meet the 12 quantity minimum.

Fertile Eggs

Our eggs are collected daily. On farm pick ups can be assured their eggs have been stored separately and properly for no more than 3 days prior to pick up. Your incubation conditions are beyond our control so we cannot guarantee your hatch rate, but will guarantee they're intact and ready for incubation. Eggs will not develop chicks unless exact conditions of temperature and humidity are met. 

We recommend purchasing twice as many eggs as you want chicks if you're hoping to get hens. Statistically, your hatch should yield 50% Males and 50% Females. We also recommend purchasing a few extra to increase your likelihood of hatching your ideal number of chicks. Although we're able to hatch at 80+%, most people are happy if they get 50%. The longer an egg waits to be incubated the less likely it is to develop a chick. The traveling and the handling that the eggs will endure before making it into an incubator will play a factor into their hatch rate. It's best to set your eggs as soon as you're home from pick up. If you're not able to set them right away be sure to store your eggs in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Room temperature of stored eggs should be 60ºF.

For best practices in incubating fertile eggs please refer to this informative article in Grit Magazine: Expert Tips for Incubating Chicken Eggs

**Please understand that not all eggs from each breed will be available at all times in any quantity you desire. Our girls need breaks too! Since we raise them naturally without any artificial lighting we see a dramatic decrease in egg production throughout these seasons. This does not mean eggs aren't available at these times - it only means we're not able to accommodate large orders of one breed at once. Please feel free to place your order. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your order and a time frame you can expect to receive your fertile eggs.**

Current Egg Availability: (Can arrange pick ups now.)

Ameraucana - Good

Delaware - Great

Welsummer - Good

Copper Marans - Limited