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Ameraucanas lay the most beautiful blue eggs. They are a uniquely American breed derived from South American Araucanas, but improved for fertility and lay rate. Most people mix up Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and any mutt that lays a blue egg and calls them all Ameraucanas, or worse yet Easter Eggers, a catch all phrase with little meaning.

Ameraucana have pea combs, black or slate legs, and these wonderful fluffy ear muffs and beards.The nice thing about raising the black and blue varieties is that you can run the birds together and still get purebred Black Ameraucana and purebred Blue Ameraucana. The blue color gene, when inherited, simply reduces the amount of black pigment produced in the feather follicle causing black to look gray. When a chick inherits two copies of the blue gene, the pigment produced is reduced so much, the bird looks almost white with random splashes of gray/blue and black. This variety is called "Splash."


Producer: Deer Run Farm
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