Pastured Chicken Eggs

We offer pasture raised, rainbow eggs! We collect eggs from 4 different types of chickens: Ameraucana, Delaware, Marans and Welsummer. All of our chickens are raised outdoors on grass. They roam freely searching for bugs, clover and other tasty treats. This allows for happier and healthier chickens that provide us with eggs that are better for you, higher in vitamins and lower in cholesterol!

Ameraucana hens lay the blue eggs in various shades.

Delaware hens lay a light tan colored egg.

Marans hens lay the darkest brown colored egg.

Welsummer hens also lay a dark brown, sometimes-terracotta colored egg.

Our eggs are packed in 3x4 clear cartons containing a dozen colorful eggs. They may be purchased at any of the farmers' markets we attend or even directly off the farm in our farm store. Retail eggs are sold for $7 for a large dozen. If you're interested in small or medium sized eggs, please let us know in advance. 

In addition to retail eggs we also provide wholesale eggs to restaurants; VOLT in frederick, Maryland being our main wholesale outlet. If you're in town make sure to stop in to enjoy Frederick's best fine dining experience.