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Fresh From The Farm!

Posted 2/22/2018 3:55pm by Allison Rostad.

February 2018

We here at Deer Run Farm feel that our email subscribers should hear from us more often. And we don't mean "blowing-up-your-phone-every-few-hours" kind of often. We just think sending a monthly newsletter recapping our month of all of the excitement and news happening around the farm will bring us all closer together. Besides, who doesn't want to receive all the cute photos of the farm animals and latest deals and event information?! This email will serve as the first ever "Fresh From The Farm Newsletter" to keep you in the loop! We will send out one newsletter a month so as to not get "annoying" and we'd love to hear your feedback about them so we can improve them as we go. We plan to highlight all major happenings on our farm, list any upcoming events or markets we will be attending and we will even share a little bit about ourselves with you. Let us know what you think by shooting us a reply!

The First Eggs Have Been Set!

That’s right folks! The first eggs for the Spring hatching season have officially been set. We’re on schedule to hatch our first set of chicks on Tuesday, February 27th and couldn’t be more excited! This will be Deer Run Farm’s first ever Spring hatch since the purchase of Whitmore Farm’s poultry operation. We have a ton of chick orders for the Spring season already that were placed by some of you early birds! As the days get longer and warmer we expect several more orders to roll in with the thought of Spring on the way! If you haven't ordered yet, but you know you will want to now is the time to do so.

Setting Up For A New Generation Of Breeding

Even after the obvious success of Whitmore Farm’s poultry operation there’s always something more one can improve upon. Deer Run Farm has been working closely with the Sustainable Poultry Network to begin implementing selective breeding to their poultry program this February. After several years of closed flock breeding we’ve decided our birds could use selective breeding as a method to boost genetics safely in each flock. With the help of well-known poultry judge, Jim Adkins, we’ve filtered our flocks to find the best of the best birds to breed together to pursue offspring that will embody each breed’s standard of perfection. We’re so thankful to have the space on our farm to expand the operation Whitmore Farm started 14 years ago!

Slow Poultry Seminar - May 12, 2018

We recently sent out an invite to each of you regarding our Slow Poultry Seminar with Jim Adkins that we’re hosting here on the farm in May.  Tickets are only $25 dollars and include lunch and training materials. The seminar has limited seating and as of Monday, February 12th we’re already at half capacity. Anyone still interested in attending this event should register as soon as possible!  We expect attendees to walk away with a clearer vision of sustainable poultry production.

Meet Your Farmer
- Allison -

Born and raised in Gettysburg, PA, Allison has always been a city girl until she met Josh. Besides being active on the farm she’s also active on two indoor soccer teams!

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Hatchery
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Emmitsburg, MD 21727
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