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Posted 12/31/2018 12:57pm by Allison Rostad.
December 2018
12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
What a fun giveaway to host! On our Facebook page, starting on December 14th we picked one winner each day leading up to Christmas day. Each day the winner would get the giveaway from the days before their day up until their day's giveaway. We had sooo many new entries everyday and our Facebook gained a lot of new friends and followers. We're looking forward to offering more giveaways in the future.
Egg Production Increase
Last year at this time we were just barely getting enough eggs to make one dozen every day... from 800+ chickens. This year is a totally different story! We learned a lot last year about our chickens and their laying cycle. To make sure we had eggs in the "off season" this year we hatched half of our replacement chicks early in the spring so that they would come online right as our current layers were starting to go offline. Making this small adjustment has allowed for us to be collecting a minimum of four dozen a day now! Our second batch of replacement birds are set to start laying early February when the rest of the flock should begin picking up again. I can't wait to see how many dozens of eggs we will be collecting then!
Olive Egger Update
Our Olive Egger project is coming along nicely. We've already got our eyes set on their future as they begin to lay in early March (hopefully). Although our first cross was an Ameraucana rooster over Welsummer hens ALL of the offspring look identical to the Ameraucanas with slight color differences in the pullets' chests and the cockerels back and hackle feathers. With the addition of two new coops on our farm, we hope to be able to work more quickly on the Olive Egger development to get layers of the dark olive color we desire.
Continuing The Hog Butchering Tradition
Every year between the Christmas and New Year holidays our family gets together for a hog butchering. It's one of those things that can't be done without help and so its necessary for the family to come together for it. This year we butchered three pigs that we raised on our farm. It took just shy of three days to completely finish the process, but the final product is always well worth it. We're thankful to be able to raise and process our own meats on our farm with our family.

Spring Hatch Schedule is Filling Up!
As you can see, our Spring hatch schedule is filling up. We'll be taking orders until all dates are filled, but will only be offering the 20% discount through midnight tonight (see below for details). Get your orders in now to get an earlier delivery date in the Spring.

Last Hours to Preorder & SAVE!
Our early bird discount ends tonight at midnight. Make sure you order your Spring Chicks today to save 20% off. This is the last special offer for the 2019 Spring Hatch. Use code: 20SPRNG19 at checkout.
*note there is no "i" in the code*

Meet Your Farmer!
- Allison -
With New Year's Eve upon us, you better bet you'll be able to find your farmer, Allison, at a New Year's Eve Bingo! She's been a bingo-er since she was little when her mom would go out on Friday nights with her friends to play. She's only won a few good rounds, but it's all in good fun for her.

Deer Run Farm
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Posted 11/29/2018 12:10pm by Allison Rostad.
November 2018

Picking Corn
Last month we were chopping corn. This month we're picking some! The chopped corn is used to make silage for the cows. The picked corn is put into our corn crib and used throughout the year to grind into a finishing feed for animals set to butcher and to add as a top dressing to their feed for an extra protein diet for mother cows with intense-nursing calves. Unfortunately with all the rain we've had, our yield just isn't what it should be. The one true thing you can't help as a farmer is mother nature's weather decisions.
 Weaned Calves
Once a year, when calves are 7 months old, we wean them from their moms. This is the time of year when they're old enough to feed and care for themselves. Since we try to have majority of the mothers calving at the same time, it's easy for us to wean most of our calves at the same time. The only downfall to this is that both moms and babies whine for one another for a few days straight. We're used to it, but we're not so sure our neighbors are yet!
First Snow Fall
 We NEVER get snow in November. Well, I shouldn't say never, but it's very rare. I'm not sure the total accumulation for our farm, but I'd guess easily 8 inches if not more of snow fell on November 15th. Funny thing is, about 10 years ago I was a junior in High School and all I wanted for my birthday was snow. Mother nature granted my wish 10 years too late because the 15th just so happened to be my birthday! I love the snow, but it's not the easiest to work in. Forecasters only predicted a few inches before it turned to rain so we certainly weren't prepared to winterize the coops and barn so early this year.
Prenez La Journeé Par Les Cocos
"Grab the day by the eggs!", a little french lingo I picked up while in Ottawa, ON, Canada for a birthday getaway with Josh. Every year for my birthday we go to a Pittsburgh Penguins game. It just so happened that this year they played in Ottawa against the Senators. Since we're farmers there's not usually an option to vacation, but we're lucky enough to have Josh's mom who was willing to help out on the farm and do our share of work so we could get away. While exploring downtown Ottawa we stumbled upon a restaurant called Eggspectation and of course we had to eat there! Courses among courses with egg dishes to choose from and the service was phenomenal (as we found to be the case for all the restaurants in Canada). Can't wait to go back some day!

 12 Days of Christmas
I had this really cool idea in October when I was thinking about my off-farmers-market-season-things-to-do-list and I came up with a way to celebrate the holidays with all of you. We're celebrating the 12 days of Christmas! Starting December 14th we will be selecting a winner from a facebook entry giveaway to win a prize through Christmas day. The best part is that you only have to enter once, but will have 14 days to win. AND, the prizes are stackable (meaning day one winner will get the first prize, day two winner will get the first and second prize, day three will get the first, second and third prize continuing this pattern through until the twelfth winner will get all 12 prizes offered)! The giveaway wont start until December 1st, but head on over to our facebook page and make sure you follow our page so you'll see when it's announced!

 Meet Your Farmer!
- TomCat -
One of our newest members to the farm team is TomCat. TomCat, also known as "Tom" or "TC" was found abandoned in our barn early Spring. After cleaning him up and caring for him, he's turned out to be a necessary helper at our farmers' markets. You'd be surprised at the crowd this guy can drum up!

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Posted 10/30/2018 1:08pm by Allison Rostad.
October 2018
Corn Choppin' Season
Every year since 1996 corn's been chopped to make silage on our farm to provide feed for our cows in the winter. It's a task that takes an entire weekend and extra helping hands when we can get it. This year the fields didn't yield nearly as much as years before due to the heavy rains we received throughout the last 3 months. We were lucky enough to have a weekend dry enough to get into the fields and even luckier to have only gotten each tractor (there were 3 running) stuck just once!
Replacement Bird Evaluations
I'm pleased to announce that our 2019 replacement hens turned 5 months old on October 22nd and some have already begun to lay! I'm also very happy to share that the addition of our selective breeding program has had an extraordinary impact on the quality of these replacement birds. Each new pullet and cockerel we've integrated into the existing flocks have been weighed, handled and reviewed for quality purposes so we can assure our customers the best off-spring come the Spring hatch season. We're looking forward to seeing how beautifully these additions fill out over the winter.
Buy Time; Buy Coops!
This winter's off-season projects include tax preparations, supply restocking, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and the task of building additional coops to accommodate more grow-out birds and our olive egger project. To save time, we were lucky enough to come across two well-built mobile coops that hadn't been used in years -- for a bargain, too! To ensure the safety of our birds, we've power washed and sanitized/disinfected the entirety of both coops. One is fully ready for use while the other just needs mounted on a running gear that is having a tire replaced this week. Some times it's best to evaluate what your time is worth... sometimes buying something ready to go is the better option over spending days trying to build it yourself.

Spring Pre-OrdersYou heard it here first: Spring chick orders will open on November 1st! It's often not thought about until Spring is just around the corner, but in order to receive your chicks as soon as we start hatching in late February it's best to order before December 31st. We fill orders in the order they are received based on our availability and weather conditions in the receiving state. The sooner you place your order the sooner it will be filled. 

Be sure to check your email on November 1st for your pre-order reminder AND a deal you wont want to miss!

Meet Your Farmer

- Annie Stewart -

Usually men are associated with being the big football fans, but believe it or not, your farmer, Annie is a huge Baltimore Ravens football fan. She's knows all the latest news and gossip about the team and does her best not to miss a game.


Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Posted 10/2/2018 11:10am by Allison Rostad.
September 2018
Fall Hatch 
We did it again! Our last batch of chicks for the fall hatch season are set to hatch next Tuesday. Thanks to all of you we were able to ship several hundreds of chicks out this season. Now it's time to let the girls molt and rejuvenate for next Spring. Stay tuned; we'll be opening Spring chick orders in November!
Reseeding Pastures
Stewardship on our farm also means reseeding the pastures to promote new growth and healthy grounds. In between all the heavy rains we've had we managed to pull the cattle inside and reseed their main grazing pastures. At first, we we're skeptical if the seeds would grow, but it's already starting to look good in some of our bare spots!
An Olive Egg Adventure
We've started off on an adventure to breed a quality and consistent olive egg layer. This September we hatched two small batches of future olive egg layers. Our olive eggers are a cross of one of our best Welsummer Roosters over several of our selective Ameraucanas. We wont have Olive Eggers available for sale until we've bred a consistent bird thoroughly. It may be a few years, but we're dedicated to breeding quality amongst our flocks and the eggs they lay! 
Are You On The Map?
Now that there's an office to work out of, we've hung a BIG state map to put on the wall. This map's purpose will be to mark all the places we've sent chicks and eggs to over the years. We hope to have a thumb tac in every state before long. If you or anyone you know in Nevada, Utah, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Delaware, Rhode Island or Vermont is in the market for quality hatching eggs or chicks point them in our direction! Those are the only states we haven't yet shipped to, but we want to :)

 Meet Your Farmer
- Josh -
Josh is a farmer through and through. He's also super competitive. With the summer fairs and fall show season upon us he's anxious to show off his farm products. Most recently he entered silage, corn stocks, corn ears and 2 dozen eggs into our local community show taking first place in 3 of 5 entries!

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Posted 8/22/2018 4:45pm by Allison Rostad.
August 2018

 I'm Official, Finally!
It only took a year and a half almost, but I finally have a finished and functional office to use in our hatchery building. I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to have office space to keep my records, computer and printer. The past Spring and Fall hatches included many hours of moving my computer and documents in order to set up a table for hatches and vaccinations. This fall hatch is going to feel like a breeze!
Yes, you read that right. We've made some upgrades. For the past year we've been working on plastic, fold up tables in both the hatchery and washroom. Just recently we made a purchase to replace all those tables (that luckily didn't give out on us while holding our cabinet hatchers) with stainless steel ones that will hopefully last the entirety of the hatchery operation! Yay for moving up in the world!
 Going Solar!
Not us, but our chickens. After a year of opening and closing the coops every day and realizing how much time it can take from your day and what inconveniences it can cause, we've begun installing automatic doors for our coops. They run off of a solar panel attached to the outside of the coop and will close on a timer determined by our location and our sunrise and sunset. The girls are still adjusting to the use of only one door rather than 3, but slowly they're figuring it out.
 We've Got Pigs!
Every year our family has a tradition of butchering our own pork in the winter. This year, like years past, we have 3 little piggies to grow out through December. At this age they're pretty cute, but that cuteness wears off quickly when they're rolling about in their own waste! 

Eggs Are Set!
Come on Fall hatch! Eggs are set for the first and second weeks of hatches in September. Monday will be the third week of set eggs which will mark our half way point in the fall hatch. There's still time to order your chicks this fall and you can do so by clicking the button below!

Maryland Poultry Swap
This years fall poultry swap will be held in Accokeek, MD by Moose Manor Farms instead of Green Hill Farm in Sharpsburg, MD. We plan to be there and hope you can make it too! The swap will be held on Saturday, September 29th from 8am-2pm. Click the button below for more information.

Meet Your Farmer
 - Allison -
Outside of the farm life, Allison enjoys being artistic. She's an all around artist with her ability to draw, paint, build and mold just about anything you could imagine. Her most favorite thing to do at the beach is build sand sculptures and creations. 

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Posted 6/27/2018 10:48am by Allison Rostad.
June 2018


We've finally come to a decision on when we will have our Fall Hatch. This year, depending on the weather, we will be hatching every Tuesday from September 4th until October 9th. This is just 6 short weeks for the Fall Hatch. We will be opening up pre-orders on July 1st and you'll want to get your orders in as soon as possible! Be on the lookout for a reminder email on the 1st that will have a direct link for pre-orders.


MENF Recap
Our first Mother Earth News Fair in the books! Leading up to the event we were awfully nervous with it being our first "big" fair spot as a vendor. Not knowing what to expect or how many people would be there, we still managed to survive... and not only survive, but meet a ton of new potential clients and chicken lovers from all over! An email was sent out to vendors with a recap of the weekend's turnout noting 10,000 attendees made it out even through the rain. If I wasn't sure before that I knew every answer to every chicken related question there could be -- I'm certain now :) Thanks to those of you who came out to support the event and it was wonderful meeting those of you who are receiving our monthly newsletter for the first time!


Alternative Protection
As most of you know we've had our first predator attack earlier this Spring. Although we've taken care of the issue for the time being, we've been looking into new options and methods for predator protection for our chickens. Although I'd be pleased with just getting some Livestock Guardian Dogs, our Bernese Mountain Dogs, Nike and CoPilot, wouldn't be too happy with us. To keep a happy home we've decided upon guard donkeys! Above is a photo of Mia. She's our most recent addition to the farm. In the coming weeks we hope to have new cattle fencing up to be able to better rotationally graze our cattle while they're out on pasture. With the new fencing we will be in the market for 6 more donkeys (possibly miniatures :D) in hope to have a set with each of our coops that will be in each of the designated, fenced in pastures. I love all animals so I, personally, can not wait!
 Plant. Grow. Harvest. Feed. 
Deer Run Farm plants, grows and harvests all of the feed that the cattle eat right here on the farm. It's a lot of work, but in the end we're able to tell our meat customers exactly what they've ate and exactly how it was grown. With the ever-growing desire for meat buyers to know how their meat was raised, we're one of the few that can say for certain that our cows live happy lives and are fed properly and appropriately. If you're ever in the neighborhood and want to try our beef you can visit our on farm store or find us at any of the following Farmers' Markets:
Thursday, 12:30pm - 6pm: Fulks Corner Market in Gaithersburg, MD
Friday, 10am - 2pm: Key City Food and Farm Market in Frederick, MD
Friday, 3pm - 6pm: Emmitsburg Farmers' Market in Emmitsburg, MD
Saturday, 9am - 12pm: Thurmont Farmers' Market in Thurmont, MD
Sarturday, 9am - 1pm: Maple Lawn Farmers' Market in Fulton, MD

Scenic Tractor Ride
Deer Run Farm is teaming up with Keysville Grace UCC to help host a Community Day on August 18th. In doing so we've prepared a route for a tractor ride on the backroads of Rocky Ridge, Emmitsburg and Keymar, Maryland. If you're a farmer looking for an excuse to get out of the fields for a few hours or just a tractor enthusiast looking to show off your tractor, we need you! We'd love to get as many tractors to join our ride starting at 10am sharp and finishing at the church just in time for lunch and music! Click the link below for more information, or give me (Allison) a call to register for the ride. The church's Community Day will be from noon until 4pm on Saturday, August 18th. Hot dogs and burgers donated to the church from Deer Run Farm will be available for purchase and we will have music from The Band Aids.

 Meet Your Farmer!
- Ronnie - 
Josh's dad, Ronnie, retired from his day to day job as a machinist just a short 3 years ago. You could say he's busier now than when he wasn't retired with all the farm chores he's picked up in his "spare" time. Ronnie is the reason why the farm exists. His dad farmed and raised a few cattle every year and it became Ronnie's dream to have his own farm and continue raising cattle to pass on to his children. 22 years later and we're still farming the same farm Annie and him purchased to pursue his dream!

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road
Emmitsburg, MD


Posted 5/26/2018 4:49pm by Allison Rostad.

May 2018

Seminar Success
As of May 12th we can finally say we hosted our first "big" event on our farm. Having never hosted an event like the poultry swap with Jim Adkins of the Sustainable Poultry Network, we didn't know exactly what to prepare for. After days of preparation and anticipation, the event came and went SUCCESSFULLY! Ahhh - what a sigh of relief :) The food was good, the people were great (and I hope enjoyed themselves and learned a few things!) and Jim did a wonderful job teaching and keeping everyone entertained. Hopefully this will be the first of many future events on our farm!

End of the Season

Welp, we survived our first full Spring hatch season! Our last eggs for chick orders are in the incubators and set to hatch on June 5th. We're thrilled with the amount of orders we received and were able to fill this season. I met and talked with soo many new chick buyers that picked up on the farm and hopefully made some buyers-for-life! We'll shut down the incubators and hatchers following the last hatch and do a full clean out and disinfection of the hatchery. Be on the lookout for our Fall hatch schedule as we hope to determine the dates here soon!

Ready, Set, Market!

Market season is upon us and in full swing now! Somehow we managed to drum up enough time and help to be able to attend not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR markets. Should you ever be in the neighborhood, make a point to stop and see us at any of the following markets:

Thursdays from 12p-6p: Fulks Corner Market, Gaithersburg, MD

Fridays from 10a-1p: Key City Food and Farmers' Market, Frederick, MD

Saturdays from 9a-1p: Farmers' Market at Maple Lawn, Fulton, MD

Saturdays from 9a-1pm: Thurmont Farmers' Market, Thurmont, MD


Cows on Pasture

No more monsoon means the cows can finally return to pasture after being held in the barn for the winter. I recently read an article about how to herd your cattle from one pasture to the next. There were different techniques described like a "zig zag" run from their behind or enticing them with food. I should write to the author and let him know he forgot one other method... at Deer Run Farm we simply call for our girls. One by one they come running when they see a gate open and one of us calling! They truly are happy, happy cows!

Chicken Tenders Unite!
After being a graphic designer for all of my "career life", it's been quite the transition to becoming a full time farmer.. or what I like to call a full time Chicken Tender. To stay connected with my original roots of graphic design, I recently designed a farm T-Shirt for markets and events that we attend. I've received so many comments on the shirts like, "oh my gosh, I need a shirt like that" that I've made them available for purchase on our Facebook page! Support our farm and join the Chicken Tender team :)

Mother Earth News Fair 
We're just a weekend away from the Mother Earth News Fair that's being held at the Frederick Fairgrounds on June 2nd and 3rd. This event is sure to bring about lots of traffic with lots of fun things to learn and do! If you have time next weekend come see us and experience this new event coming to Frederick! We will be raffling off a flock of chicks on both Saturday and Sunday while advocating for disease testing and biosecurity practices.

Poultry Swap - Round 2
Eeeekkk! Missed the first poultry swap in April? No worries! Deer Run Farm will be at Green Hill's Summer Poultry swap on June 9th from 8a-2p. We plan to have chicks, started birds and a few hens available for purchase that day along with our usual, beef products! 

Meet Your Farmer!
- Annie - 
Ever purchased eggs from us? Your farmer, Annie Stewart (Josh's Mom) has stepped in as our egg washing machine! Once a home economics teacher, she now resides on the farm with more work than when she retired. We can't begin to express how lucky we are to have such a hardworking, caring hand since taking over Whitmore Farm's poultry operation.
Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Pastured Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road
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Posted 3/21/2018 3:09pm by Allison Rostad.

March 2018

The First Chicks Have Hatched!

Yes, we did it! Our very first hatch of the Spring season has come and gone. It wasn't easy, but we did it. Even after four additional hatches we're still working out some kinks. If you follow our Facebook page, you would know that our first hatch was delayed an entire day. It's important for us to hit the hatch day right on since we aim to hatch every Tuesday. Hatching on a Wednesday can cause problems for us when shipping to states further away or for orders that want standard priority rather than express. The worst thing that could happen is they arrive over the weekend and sit longer than they should. Luckily, we've planned for many of our first hatches to fill on-farm pick up orders so that we wouldn't have to worry about weather issues with shipping this early in the season. Ideally, we hope to be shipping and filling majority of the orders this coming April as the girls are really starting to lay again!

5 Babies In One Day!

We've had, at most, 3 new calves born in one day. This March we hit a new record: 5 babies in one day! It was insane!! Literally, one after another. To the point we had one cow giving birth and a second cow in labor thinking the other cow was pushing out her baby instead of focusing and pushing out her own! What's even crazier is that we've also had 3 sets of twins so far this year. Typically, we would normally get one, if any at all, in a year, but we've decided there must be something in the water here on the farm this year. Twins can be exceptionally hard to care for when they're born. It's a confusing time for the mother because she's unaware that she's having two. Usually the mother will claim one baby and push the other away thinking that it doesn't belong to her. Thankfully, we've only had to train one mother to accept both babies. The other two moms, much older than the first, happily took in their two babies and all are well!

Now Offering A 10 Quantity Shipped Minimum!

If you didn't already receive the notice through email last week - you're reading that title correctly! After several inquiries about shipping smaller quantities and lots of research into safe shipping methods and packaging, we are finally set up to ship as few as 10 chicks nationwide. Being able to ship this few of chicks at a time will allow us to get our healthy birds in the backyards of many more people who could never accept 25 at a time. Cheers to changes!!

Maryland Poultry Swap & Farmers' Market

- April 21st - 

Every year our friends at Green Hill Farm in Sharpesburg, MD hold a poultry swap and farmers' market at least twice a year (last year they held three!). This year the first will be on Saturday, April 21st from 8am-2pm. We will be there with eggs, chicks and some pullets of each breed and our beef products! What's great about this swap is that there are always sooo many vendors with sooo many different breeds of poultry and other animals! It's definitely one of my favorite events to attend and April's spring swap is always the largest of the year. You don't want to miss it!

Meet Your Farmer
- Josh -
Josh, his sister, Joanna and his parents have lived on the farm here in Emmitsburg since 1996. Josh has a full time job off the farm as a Project Manager for a general contractor. Although he's good at what he does, he'd much rather be on the farm and in the fields on one of his Allis Chalmers Tractors he's collected over the years.




Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road 
Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Posted 3/16/2018 8:23pm by Allison Rostad.
Since the purchase of Whitmore Farm’s poultry operation, we’ve been attentively listening to our customers’ feedback and suggestions. This attentive listening has led us to investigate methods of shipping for smaller quantities of chicks.
We’re now happy to announce the option to buy as few as 10 chicks for mail order!!
Previously we’ve only offered minimum shipped orders of 25 chicks and orders in multiples of 25 chicks to ensure the health and safety of our shipped chicks. Now, with some box experiments and packaging trials (Don't worry! No chicks were harmed or sacrificed in these experiments or trials.), we will ship as few as 10 chicks and in multiples of 10 chicks. This shipping method will still consist of a box designed for proper airflow, our usual nest pad for the chicks to maintain proper footing and absorption of droppings, and gro-gel to get them to their destination without dehydration. This new shipping method will also include a 72 hour heat pack to provide additional heat from the lack of extra chick bodies (unless of course it's already hot enough outside when and where they're headed!) and a smaller box to encapsulate that heat helping to provide a better heated environment for the chicks during their travels.
We’ve just recently updated our website to include options for both “bulk” shipped orders, which will be for 25+ chick orders at our regular prices, and “minimum” shipped orders, which will be for our 10+ chick orders at a little higher price point to cover the costs of the new, special packaging for the smaller quantities. 
We’re excited to be able to offer our USDA NPIP disease-free chicks to the smaller, ever-growing in popularity, backyard flock enthusiasts and be able to increase awareness of truly-clean poultry. In the past we’ve had to turn away potential buyers who couldn’t accept 25 chicks at a time, stripping them of their opportunity to own AI, PT, MG and MS clean birds. Now we can happily offer our clean, healthy and show-worthy birds to a wider range of chicken lovers!
To help get the word out we will be running a short Facebook contest for a chance to win a variety 10 pack of chicks shipped the first Tuesday after Easter (April 3rd, 2018). You can enter to win the contest by sharing our announcement post with your friends on Facebook. We will have a random drawing on Easter Sunday and announce the winner live! Check out our Facebook after 10am today to enter.
Don't forget we're still taking orders for Spring chicks! Our last hatch for the Spring is June 5th so there's still time to take advantage of our new "minimum shipped" chicks! 
P.S. Happy St. Patricks Day!
Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Posted 2/22/2018 3:55pm by Allison Rostad.

February 2018

We here at Deer Run Farm feel that our email subscribers should hear from us more often. And we don't mean "blowing-up-your-phone-every-few-hours" kind of often. We just think sending a monthly newsletter recapping our month of all of the excitement and news happening around the farm will bring us all closer together. Besides, who doesn't want to receive all the cute photos of the farm animals and latest deals and event information?! This email will serve as the first ever "Fresh From The Farm Newsletter" to keep you in the loop! We will send out one newsletter a month so as to not get "annoying" and we'd love to hear your feedback about them so we can improve them as we go. We plan to highlight all major happenings on our farm, list any upcoming events or markets we will be attending and we will even share a little bit about ourselves with you. Let us know what you think by shooting us a reply!

The First Eggs Have Been Set!

That’s right folks! The first eggs for the Spring hatching season have officially been set. We’re on schedule to hatch our first set of chicks on Tuesday, February 27th and couldn’t be more excited! This will be Deer Run Farm’s first ever Spring hatch since the purchase of Whitmore Farm’s poultry operation. We have a ton of chick orders for the Spring season already that were placed by some of you early birds! As the days get longer and warmer we expect several more orders to roll in with the thought of Spring on the way! If you haven't ordered yet, but you know you will want to now is the time to do so.

Setting Up For A New Generation Of Breeding

Even after the obvious success of Whitmore Farm’s poultry operation there’s always something more one can improve upon. Deer Run Farm has been working closely with the Sustainable Poultry Network to begin implementing selective breeding to their poultry program this February. After several years of closed flock breeding we’ve decided our birds could use selective breeding as a method to boost genetics safely in each flock. With the help of well-known poultry judge, Jim Adkins, we’ve filtered our flocks to find the best of the best birds to breed together to pursue offspring that will embody each breed’s standard of perfection. We’re so thankful to have the space on our farm to expand the operation Whitmore Farm started 14 years ago!

Slow Poultry Seminar - May 12, 2018

We recently sent out an invite to each of you regarding our Slow Poultry Seminar with Jim Adkins that we’re hosting here on the farm in May.  Tickets are only $25 dollars and include lunch and training materials. The seminar has limited seating and as of Monday, February 12th we’re already at half capacity. Anyone still interested in attending this event should register as soon as possible!  We expect attendees to walk away with a clearer vision of sustainable poultry production.

Meet Your Farmer
- Allison -

Born and raised in Gettysburg, PA, Allison has always been a city girl until she met Josh. Besides being active on the farm she’s also active on two indoor soccer teams!

Deer Run Farm
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